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Connectivity Resources Inc. hand-crafts broadband solutions with powerful technologies.

We provide premium quality assembly of passive fiber optic components that data centers need to fuel their broadband networks. Connectivity Resources Inc. offers incredible customized products that will help transform your business into a reliable telecommunications hub.


The Clearfield Cassette is a system of six parts that nest together in the cassette’s main housing to support a wide range of applications. Parts can be added or removed as needed to support the environment in which it’s deployed.

Connectivity Panels

The CR Panel is a high density, low maintenance fiber distribution panel for use in a 23” or 19” frame. CR Panels are intelligently provides the user with superior fiber access while using radius protected fiber management for routing and deploying fiber jumpers in high density applications.


The CR Passive Optical Network is the complete solution for managing up to 1152 distribution fibers for an outside plant FTTx application. Optimal access is ensured to all ports and superior fiber protection is integrated within the patent-pending CR Cassette technology.

Wall Boxes

The CR Indoor Wall Mount Panel allows the user to easily scale to 12 to 36 ports. Mid-span / ring cut capable of reducing installation costs and deployment time. The product is shipped preloaded for patch only or patch & splice applications that supports all cable constructions for the inside plant.

Why Choose Us?

We provide quality assembly of passive fiber optic components. The fiber optic components that we assemble are the building blocks for products that are used in broadband networks.

  • Nothing comes close to our stream-lined, practical approach.
  • Our products are designed for scalable deployment, craft-friendly operation, and unsurpassed performance.
  • We deliver superior form, fit and function at a price point un-matched in the industry.

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